What an AMAZING Day!!!

By Melissa Zhu

We would like to raise a toast to our wonderful supporters of the first ever LSD brain imaging study!!

For all of you who have been following, supporting, sharing, and tweeting about our recent LSD research launch alongside the Beckley Foundation, we raise a glass to you.

At the end of an unbelievably fast day, we are proud to announce that you all have already raised over 60% of all the funds that will cover…gratuitous drum roll…the final stage of the world’s first ever fMRI and MEG scan on the effects of LSD! Can we mention once again, that we are talking about the span of one day?

Sure, there have been many monumental scientific firsts that have mired public fascination. However, few have achieved more than half of all their funding in one day…by the public…by means of social media and the press.

Here’s to exploring the mystery of the brain. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the team so far!! With an extra special thank you to the many news outlets who propelled the work of Professor David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, and Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris into the curious, craving, internet eye!  Thank you all so much, we truly are touched by the response.


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