Innovation: Can we crowdfund ‘Sexy’ Science?

By Melissa Zhu

Sexy Science!

So we think this is a good time for some teasers of what’s to come. We were particularly inspired by the Paris auto show this past week, which exhibited some ultra special cars that run on…oh you know, air. Say What!!!?

The idea behind the engineering comes from the French manufacturers Peugot. In a sci-fi twist, they replaced fuel with compressed air. The product is a magical hybrid car that is almost as cool as the DeLorean (though let’s be honest, the air powered car has yet to master time travel). All this inspiration has got our brain juices flowing for our queued projects, so, let us just paint a little teaser…

Cosmic Ray Detectors…

In our pipeline we have a cosmic ray detectors project measuring the cosmos from far and wide. The detectors will help us demystify what cosmic rays are, how they influence weather as well as seismic activity and who knows what else.  And, one of the most exciting parts is the research will be completed not by experienced professors in their labs at prestigious universities but at schools by A-level and GCSE students!! Who said you need a degree certificate to conduct meaningful research, certainly not us or Wallace for that matter!!

How LSD works in the brain!

We will be raising money for the world’s first images of the brain on LSD using fMRI and MEG. This is exciting stuff…more soon!

And Brain Plasticity

Prof Bruce Hood is interested in how the plasticity of the brain varies between adulthood and childhood…

This is all the tip of the iceberg, my friends! And if you thought Walacea was solely based on conservation, we’ve got one giant news flash, right now, right here on this blog, to tell you that we’re always looking for new ideas! Our realm of crowdfunding science finds its roots in all sorts of scientific inspiration. From humanitarian to technological to biological, we are certain that the best ideas start from the ground. Even better yet, because our crowd funding community can be anybody, you all are our foremost knowledge-hungry watering hole. And we want to join in on this watering hole of knowledge. So let’s move onto another bright idea shall we?

Our challenge, or rather, interactive game, this week is going to be a twitter warzone. Our plan is this: we want you to hashtag in #Walacea to shoot any science related questions, links, fun trivia facts, photos, etc. at us, and we’ll start bridging together our community. From every small idea to big revelation, we’re ready to be there right with you.


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