These Road Cyclists Want You To Sponsor Them As They crowdfund A Medical Cannabis Trial

By Natalie Jonk

These Cancer busting cyclists are taking on three countries, and 420km in just three days…

By James Renard

Drugs and road cycling. They’re two worlds that aren’t unfamiliar with each other. However, thanks to many a disgraced former Tour de France competitor, the drugs most of us associate with cycling are EPO, and a cocktail of steroids potent enough to put Ivan Drago on his arse.

However, you might not think cannabis and road cycling go hand in hand. Until now.

A group of enthusiastic roadies will complete a gruelling 420 kilometre bike ride to raise money for medical marijuana.

Fear not, this isn’t the plot of a Seth Rogen film. The folk taking to the road are doing so to raise money for a medical study looking at whether cannaboids – the fun bit in pot – can actually fight cancer as opposed to just elevate the symptoms as is now widely accepted in the medical community.

The ongoing study is being conducted by Dr Guillermo Velasco at the Complutense University of Madrid, and who requires the funding to continue his important work.

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour starts in Valkenburg in the Southern tip of the Netherlands, works it way through Germany and Belgium, to the finish line in Amsterdam, all of which will take three long days.

The people taking part in the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour are looking for sponsorship from both private individuals and businesses, so if you think you can help, see their website for details on how to donate, along with further information on the study in Madrid.

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