Terminally ill should take LSD, says the former government drug tsar sacked after saying acid was ‘safer than alcohol’

By Natalie Jonk

SOURCE: Mail Online
Published 7th March 4pm

By Lydia Willgress and Anna Hodgekiss

A British scientist has claimed the terminally ill should be given hallucinogenic drug LSD.
David Nutt, a former government drug tsar, thinks that psychedelic trips might be able to lead to long-term benefits in a person’s thinking.

The 63-year-old said that using the drug is the ‘great unanswered question in neuroscience’.
Professor Nutt was sacked from his job as the Government’s chief adviser on drugs in 2009 after saying ecstasy and LSD were less harmful than alcohol.

But he maintains that psychedelic trips might help terminally ill patients feel at one with the world.
‘The way we deal with death is to poison people with opiates so that they can’t think,’ The Independent reported him saying.

‘But on LSD it’s as if they have died, as if they’ve gone out to another place. They exist beyond their body.

‘That experience can give them a sense of perpetuity, of permanence, of being part of the cycle of life.’
At a briefing in London this week, he spoke out against restrictions on research on recreational drugs which he called ‘the worst censorship in the history of science’.

But having been turned down by ‘classic funders’, he raised the more than £32,000 on crowdfunding site Walacea.com.

In the controversial study 20 British volunteers will be the first in the world to have their brains scanned while high on LSD.

Early results are said to be ‘exciting’ but the full findings must wait until more funding can be found to complete the research.


See the campaign page on WALACEA


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