Cannabis and cancer clinical trial

Can cannabis help treat cancer? Scientists in Madrid plan to conduct a clinical trial in 30-40 patients to find out if cannabis can help fight cancer. In tissue samples in the lab cannabinoids have demonstrated anti-cancer activity and now scientists want to investigate the potential of the drug in treating patients with one of the most aggressive types of brain tumours.

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Worlds First Imaging Study of the Brain on LSD

NEW STRETCH GOAL  £50k FOR LSD AND CREATIVITY STUDY One question that has been on our minds for sometime, is how does LSD influence creativity?  With further funding, we will extend the current study to include a…

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Can bioinformatics help protect coconut trees from weevils?

Dr. Nanayakkara, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka agricultural council has already developed a portable electronic device that has been found to be very accurate at detecting larvae at an incredibly early stage. This device has already been recommended by the coconut research institute (CRI) to more than 5000 farmers in Sri Lanka as the best detector available but it is too expensive so Thrish wants to build an affordable app to help local farmers.

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