Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new form of engagement between the public and front-line researchers. By building interest-led communities, Crowd.Science unlocks the collective power of people to support scientific research. Success for us means being the pulse of public engagement with science. We are uniquely positioned to apply real-time insights to see what really ‘works’ in sparking engagement with the masses.

Our long term goal is to build communities of supporters across a broad range of scientific disciplines.  In the short term we plan to focus on a handful of research areas to understand how we can motivate more people to take an interest in research, scientists and feel motivated to directly fund individual projects.

Why we want to crowdfund science?
Scientific research is struggling to secure funding to many issues that are important to everyone, from environment related to health related. If it’s the state of the environment or rare diseases or even quirky science you are passionate about. Crowd.Science can help make it happen with your help. We are striving to pair some of the best scientists across the globe with a community of funders from members of the public to businesses and philanthropists.

Currently research is funded mostly by research councils which receive funds through taxation, charities through donations and corporates who might fund R&D or research as part of corporate social responsibility.  Crowd.Science provides a place where communities can form around research areas and back specific projects that they believe are worthy of support. This gives people the choice to not only back causal areas but back scientists whose work they want to see come to fruition.

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