Make some noise: Thunderclap edition

By Melissa Zhu

Earlier this week, we sent out a social media post [link Thunderclap] so that we could boost a wild social media signal to raise awareness for our drone project. We definitely have the best community ever with over 100 people supporting the project.

With the help of the Walacea science community, we were able to reach just over 60,000 people on various networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), and that is just 60,000 more possibilities to connect with people who feel the same way about conservation and deforestation. It is just icing on the cake if those people also find this leopard cat from our scientists in Borneo ridiculously cute and want to chip in a bit of money to help us understand more about its habitat and survival skills.

Leopard Cat

In other exciting news this week, our scientist friend Emma Stone is currently in Malawi studying the migration of African Wild Dogs, and we got to shoot some footage of her telling us about her work. Be prepared to encounter a super cute dog you did not even know existed!

One of our upcoming projects revolves around researching the strip of land between Malawi and Zambia to figure out how Wild Dogs are surviving, even though they are endangered. Emma Stone is just our gal for the job, and we couldn’t be more excited to add her project to the Walacea pipeline.

Last week, we signaled a Twitter Warzone, and we can definitely say, it’s been a good week for scientific innovation. For example, in the past week, we ran across: how deforestation helped spread Ebola, how clean energy can be the future of the world by 2050, and how scientists are looking at a pulsar brighter than 10,000,000 suns. It’s been one busy week for science, and we are still pushing for more innovation to come!




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