Interview with Dr Ede Frecska

By Natalie Jonk

Dr Ede Frecska is a Hungarian scientist and Psychiatrist who is fascinated by DMT and believes that it could have groundbreaking medicinal applications that could save lives…more

Ede attended the recent DMT Symposium at Tyringham Hall where leading scientists and thought leaders with a great fascination in the DMT molecule met last month.  We asked him about the event and also what some of his beliefs are about the DMT molecule. Enjoy!

Where is DMT found?

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is abundant in the plant kingdom, countless plant species’ specimens have DMT in significant amount and ethnobotanists suppose that DMT is a very ancient compound in nature. A metabolite of DMT, indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) is the most common, naturally-occurring, plant hormone of the auxin class. Animals can synthetise DMT under special circumstances (and pee out as IAA). Indolethylamine-N-methyltransferase (INMT) the synthesizing enzyme of DMT can be found with the highest levels in the lungs, thyroid, and adrenal gland. Intermediate levels are found in placenta, skeletal muscle, heart, small intestine, stomach, pancreas, and lymph nodes. Contrary to the commonly held view, it is not the pineal gland which can synthetise DMT in large amount. Nevertheless, the presence of DMT in the pineal gland was proved in 2013.

What is a psychonaut?

Wikipedia hits this nail on the head:  “psychonaut is a sailor of the soul” or navigator of our inner realms. While the term refers to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, including those induced by both meditation or mind-altering substances, usually its use refers to the latter (psychedelic journeys).

What DMT research is currently underway and why is it exciting?

In our 2013 paper we marshalled evidence which support the assumption for DMT being a chemical messenger of tissue reparation in general. In particular that involves neuroregenerative, neuroprotective, and neurogenic effects. Especially, it can help in (and after) acute cases when we are short of oxygen (at birth or at death). Supposedly, purple babies (those who got the umbilical cord around their neck), people in clinical death undergoing CPR can benefit from the release of DMT. The positive anecdotal reports of regular ayahuasca ceremonies on healing can be interpreted so, that DMT may work against chronic oxidative stress as well. There is an emerging concept that almost all of the illnesses of civilization has an oxidative stress component on the cellular level. Our 2014 paper provided experimental support for an anti-inflammatory effect of DMT and 5Meo-DMT. That is different from the action of aspirin, NSAIDs and corticosteroids – and with much less physical side effects. Our ongoing research which we are crowdfunding through Walacea is investigating whether DMT acts as an indirect antioxidant. An indirect antioxidant is millions of times more effective than a direct one like vitamin C or vitamin E at reducing oxidative stress.  If our predictions are correct and DMT is an effecting antioxidant it could be of huge clinical value in scenarios where the brain undergoes oxidative stress such as during a stroke or cardiac arrest.

What was the consensus from researcher at the conference on DMT leading interspecies communication and dialogue with the divine?

The best consensus wasn’t on the field of facts and ideas, but it was felt within the attitude of the participants: this subset of the best minds of DMT research – selected for the Tyringham symposium – exhibited humble, modest behavior filled with humor and self-irony. There was no presence of “ego battle” or “testosterone festival” occasionally seen on typical scientific meetings.

The author of this blog (E.F.) made the firm statement that interspecies communications must work at a different, unique channel of accessing knowledge, and proposed that contrary to the mainstream tenet, there is information which reaches the brain bypassing the sensory organs. Other lecturers at Tyringham haven’t gone so far.

At the end of Rick Strassman’s presentation on the prophetical state of consciousness some people at Tyringham argued that the Bible is only a historical text of the Jewish people. IMO that is a narrow view. Many aspects of it points into the direction that divination was involved in the birth of the scriptures. Divination – when we receive nonlocal valid information (according to my model) – is usually accompanied by paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, “anomalies” (as Stan Grof used to say it).

What are your thoughts on the above?

In agreement with the wisdom traditions, the teachings of mystical lore (i.e. kabbalah, sufi, etc.) I suppose that there are two foundations of knowledge (which are ultimately the One). One way is learning by observation from the outside (this is the rational, scientific way) and the second is learning by observation from the inside (the mystical, shamanic, visionary approach). Communications with plants may occur on the second channel, which I denote as direct-intuitive (direct, because it bypasses the senses) contrasted to the perceptual-cognitive method, the only one sanctioned by Western academic circles.

I offered a tentative physical background for the second one: nonlocal effects with quantum correlations (entanglements). On the other hand, local effects i.e., energy exchange in space-time (involving the sensory organs) serve as foundation of the first one. Last weekend I watched again the Avatar (2009) movie with my children. What was described there as interspecies communication, I have written about in our 2007 book with Rick Strassman and Luis Luna entitled „Inner Paths to Outer Space”. I emphasized, that everything encountered by the perceptual-cognitive (objective) is lifeless and dumb, but every entity met in the direct-intuitive realm is alive and conscious. Perhaps, because our own consciousness can only be experienced by the direct manner and not the perceptual one.

How does DMT come into this picture?

DMT can open this second door of perception, by decreasing the dominance of the perceptual-cognitive mode. Not the only one though, which can accomplish this: yoga meditation, Zen koans, the physical stress of spirit quests, initiation rituals (Lakota Sioux Sun Dance, for example) can reach the same result as well: breaking down the “profane” sensibility and opening up “sacred” realms, the “Mystical Beyond”. The name of the latter in my terms: nonlocal realms.

Do you believe that a plant can teach us?

Absolutely! And I mean it literally, not just on a metaphorical level, what most of the sympathizing scholars suggest and are cautious not going further. I give credit to the Amazonian people: if we are sensitive enough (can tune into the second channel) we can get veridicable (“true”) information from plants. Ayahuasca visions are powerful means to learn about other plants – this is the source of knowledge of many curanderos.

What are your thoughts on DMT as a chemical messenger from extraterrestrial civilisations?

Not “from”. Rather “for”. As I proposed above, DMT opens the nonlocal channel for the “Contact”. In my presentation at Tyringham I described the entities of these realms as quasi-autonomous. Autonomous, because they are more than hallucinations (these tricksters can provide “true” info, if they are not in their trickery mood). Quasi, because your cosmology, belief system, cultural background shapes, morphs the way they are presenting themselves.  What is extraterrestrial being for us can be spirit or ancestral soul for a representative of an aboriginal culture.  If you follow Jungian psychoanalysis, you would say, they are coming from the inside not form the outside (like spirits). A Buddhist would say: inside or outside, doesn’t matter since eventually it is you. In another chapter in Inner Paths to Outer Space I discussed that the Sumarian demigods, the Anunnakis were very possibly visioned entities. They have contacted us and were teaching us transdimensionally, not by rocket ships (as Zacharia Sitchin supposed).

What is the Amazonian perspective on invisible entities?

The aboriginal view: spirits or ancestors. Usually belonging to the invisible world outside. The split of the world into natural and supernatural is the invention of the Western mind. For native people everything is natural, belonging either to the visible or the invisible world.

What have the most recent scientific publications around DMT revealed about the molecule?

If you are asking me, I come up with the pretentious response: our publications suggest a somatophysiological (making our body healthy) role for DMT instead of the commonly held mainstream view as psychopathological (making our mind sick). Steve Barker’s group has detected DMT in the pineal gland. Until that time it was just a conjecture, well-founded speculation.

You can back Dr Frecska’s research on through this link

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