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Crowd.Science believes the public should have the opportunity to directly support research that is important to them and scientists should have a channel to ask them directly for their support…



How is Crowd.Science different to other crowdfunding platforms?

1. Crowd.Science only accepts high quality projects from reputable institutions or people

2. The rewards structure is geared towards outreach and is more structured than other platforms. This makes it easy for Crowd.Science backers and project owners to know what to expect and what to offer

3. We help projects target key audiences and market their campaign (we are working with alumni networks, university press offices and social media gurus to get all our campaigns lots of attention)!

How will Crowd.Science continue to support future projects?

Crowd.Science will fuel its engine with 5% of the money raised from successful projects. Stripe, the payment gateway we use also charges approx 1.9% and 20p per transaction so we recommend that you add 8% to what you need to make sure you raise enough money for your project.

Our mission is to create a sustainable business that has a huge positive impact on projects that benefit the scientific community and the planet. As we grow we will endeavour to improve the tools we have that support crowdfunding and outreach opportunities.

 There’s lots more info on our FAQ page…

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