Join our thunderclap to protect the rainforest

By Natalie Jonk

Hey guys,

On the 14th of October, we are trying to make some noise for one of our research project that would like to use drones to track rainforest mammals in Borneo following deforestation in a bid to create more robust data to lobby the governments who are legally chopping down the forest. They want to track all kinds of amazing mammals from urangutans and slow lorises to clouded leopards and civet cats. This will be the first time this kind of data has been recorded at the same time as legal deforestation. It’s also pretty cool to track rainforest mammals from the sky and should lead to some interesting footage.

We’re using Thunderclap, which enables people to donate a tweet and/or Facebook post to the cause but we need your help to reach 100 supporters or our message disappears into the ether. The posts are then launched at the same moment on the 14th October.

Get on board here, it is quick and easy:

Thank you for your support! And please feel free to send this around and get more people involved!



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