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This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.

  • 5 Backers

    All supporters will be invited to an online seminar on the research project where I will share learnings and the outcomes of the project.

  • 39 Backers

    Thank you for your support. You will be part of a group of supporters enabling daily continuation of the project by having actual feet and hands on the ground.

  • 24 Backers

    Thank you for your support. This pledge will help with addressing the project sustainably: because the researcher can be on-site, training of local researchers can continuously be done & the quality of the assessment of the women can be guaranteed.

  • 16 Backers

    Thank you for your support. this pledge contributes to trustworthy and robust collaboration between foreign and local researchers and clinicians, allowing the daily reality of the project to be of the highest quality

  • 6 Backers

    Thank you for your support. A pledge at this level will have a major impact in the quality of the project on-site, by allowing a foreign researcher to be present and invest in high quality, training and support.

  • Backers

    Thank you for your support. A pledge of this level will have a much-needed impact on sustainability and quality of the project here. It will allow the project to be consistent and of high quality.

  • Backers

    Thank you for your support. A pledge at this level will help fund this next phase of research. You will have main role in the execution of this project in the most sustainable and comprehensive manner, leading to robust study outcomes and enabling the formation of honest and relevant recommendations for much-needed policy change