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  • 5 Backers

    A personalized thank you Email. Gratitude is always nice when it comes in the form of direct communication. I will personally write an email to thank you for your donation and for your support for this project.

  • 17 Backers

    The above + a copy of the final publications released as a result of this project. We will be sure to share the results and the manuscript you helped us make to thank you for your contribution.

  • 11 Backers

    All of the above + official ‘shout out’ on our social media pages. We love you and we want the world to know about your fantastic support!

  • 2 Backers

    All of the above + Exclusive 1 to 1 video meeting with me to discuss the results of the project! The meeting can be on person rather than video if you are willing to travel to the University of Edinburgh.

  • 1 Backer

    All of the above + official acknowledgment on the scientific papers published as a result of this investigation. Anyone who reads the final papers in the years to come will be aware of your amazing contribution!

  • Backers

    All of the above + personalized tour of the research lab and the extraordinary machine allowing us to date our glacial rocks: the accelerator mass spectrometer. This research facility is located at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC), Glasgow (Scotland). We will also cover 1 night stay in a hotel for your accommodation during your visit.