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General Overview

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.

  • 14 Backers

    Thank you: If you feel this is a good cause and have landed on this page please do make a pledge to become a patron of this incredibly important research project (pledges at all perk levels can be made anonymously).

  • 22 Backers

    Thank you postcard: As a token of our appreciation we will send you a thank you postcard from the Karolinska Institute and we will also share the results with you when they are published

  • 7 Backers

    Halfway online seminar: We will invite you to an online seminar when our half way analysis is ready. Questions can be asked prior to and during the seminar.

  • 15 Backers

    Entire analysis online seminar: When the entire analysis is ready. Questions can be asked prior to and during the seminar.

  • 9 Backers

    1 hour open online Q&A session with the scientist: This perk gives you the opportunity to attend an online Q&A session and understand more about the disorder. Depending on demand we may run two separate sessions to accommodate people from different time zones. We will do a call out for questions two weeks before the session and will curate the questions in line with demand (includes all of the above).

  • 2 Backers
    Limit of 60 — 58 remaining

    Seminar at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden: You will be invited to a closed seminar in Stockholm Sweden when the preliminary results have been analyzed, there will be an opportunity to meet the scientists and ask questions as well as propose ideas for future studies.

  • 6 Backers
    Limit of 20 — 14 remaining

    Online tutorials series: The Principle Investigator will run three online tutorials explaining in depth the current view on the cause of paedophilia, and how the different treatment modalities are considered to be effective.

  • Backers
    Limit of 10 — 10 remaining

    One to one 30 minute individual Q&A session: You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the research and learn directly from Christoffer Rahm, the principle investigator of the study in a one to one setting so you will have his full attention.

  • 1 Backer
    Limit of 10 — 9 remaining

    One to one 90 minute individual Q&A session: As above but more time. This can be split into two sessions if preferred.

  • Backers
    Limit of 10 — 10 remaining

    Funders dinner: For those who pledge £1000 we will organise a dinner in Stockholm followed by some drinks half way through the study. This will be an opportunity to meet the scientists face to face, have an evening out and also make a generous contribution to a very important research area.

  • Backers
    Limit of 10 — 10 remaining

    Funders dinner and accommodation in Stockholm for the night: As above and the team will organise accommodation for you in Stockholm for the evening. The bulk of the money will go to the research, however we will also try to negotiate with some of the top hotels in Stockholm to see if they will offer some of the best rooms for a discounted price.

  • Backers
    Limit of 3 — 3 remaining

    Official Sponsor: As above and we also invite you to be included as an official sponsor in our next publication (as long as you do not represent an organisation that puts the authors of the study in a conflict of interest position). Please email info@walacea.com for further details.