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This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.

  • Backers

    At £3, you will receive a set of decal stickers that feature science-inspired designs made by our team! These stickers can be used on laptops, notebooks or anywhere that needs a little creative boost.

  • 2 Backers

    In addition to a set of decal stickers, this donation tier includes a team picture postcard signed by all of our members, thanking you for your generous contribution.

  • Backers

    Donating £30 adds a custom-designed baseball hat on top of the previous tiers’ incentives. This hat will feature another unique design from our team and can be made with a plethora of different colours.

  • Backers

    Again, donating at this tier will net you the incentives of the lower tiers. However, donating £60 will grant you a one-on-one with the team via video messaging platform as well as a special shout out on our team’s wiki! Plus, you will recieve images of Mars in postcard form!

  • Backers

    The highest donation tier includes all of the previous incentives plus a customized name plaque! Our team will personally design, 3D print, and hand paint a customized plaque adorned with your name.