An LSD brain wave and sound art hackathon

How can a sine wave link neuroscientists and sound artists? In 2012, Imperial College London were awarded a research grant from the UK government’s Medical Research Council to…

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    All gone!

    You will also be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets to the concert on Sunday (so far only not many backers on this pledge - the chances are quite high!)

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    Thank you for your support! We will thank you on the AXNS website and send you a badge with the AXNS logo and a tote bag.

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    LSD signal print out , tote bag + badge

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    1x tickets to concert, tote bag, badge

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    2x tickets to concert, tote bag, badge

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    MP3 recording, LSD signal print out, tote bag, badge

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    Private EEG scan + MP3 recording

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    Private EEG scan + 10 tickets to concert

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    Private EEG scan + MP3 recording + Print + Private living room concert (in London) of one of the sounds artists performing their LSD brain wave/sound art piece and Q&A with psychedelic researchers of Imperial College London.