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  • 5 Backers

    Thank you: A thank you e-postcard from us for supporting the research and we will send you a report once the first phase is complete.

  • 4 Backers

    Thank you postcard: We will send you the official backer postcard to say thank you for supporting this research.

  • 5 Backers
    Limit of 100 — 95 remaining

    Seminar: We will host a seminar in London on May 2017 to tell you how it went and further plans for the research.

  • 6 Backers
    Limit of 100 — 94 remaining

    Sci-T: You will receive the official backer T-shirt for the research which will include the Ban Ki-Moon quote "The world is overarmed, peace is underfunded"

  • 4 Backers
    Limit of 100 — 96 remaining

    Sci-Art: When the next phase is complete we will send you an image specifically designed for backers of this project

  • 1 Backer
    Limit of 10 — 9 remaining

    Sci-Art on Canvas: You will receive the official artwork for the project on canvas and display it on your wall knowing your funding has been key to funding this important project.

  • 1 Backer
    Limit of 5 — 4 remaining

    KCL lab visit: We will invite you to our lab and show you the kit, you will also receive a canvas print and an invitation to the seminar.

  • Backers
    Limit of 5 — 5 remaining

    Visit test site: We will show you how the kit in action at the test site and also you will receive an invitation to the seminar and canvas print.

  • Backers

    Fund the project: If you would like to fund the whole project, this is the pledge for you!