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This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.

  • 6 Backers

    We really appreciate your support! We will email you a report of our findings once the project is completed.

  • 6 Backers

    Thank you e-postcard: We really appreciate your support and will thank you by sending a personal e-postcard from the whole team at ImagiRation + the above.

  • 10 Backers

    Signed scientific-journal article with published research: For lovers of science, we will mail you the scientific journal article with the published MITA findings, signed by the research team Dr. Vyshedskiy, Rita Dunn, and Jonah Elgart.

  • 9 Backers
    Limit of 100 — 91 remaining

    Seminar tickets and signed book: Dr. Vyshedskiy will be hosting an exciting presentation on the research team’s findings at Boston University. You will be one of the first people to know and understand the results of the MITA study, how it works and how it changes the brain function. This will be arranged in coordination with the publication of the study. Dates are to be confirmed, but most likely the event will take place in early 2017. If there is high demand for additional seminars in other locations, we will do our best to accommodate them

  • 4 Backers
    Limit of 50 — 46 remaining

    Seminar tickets and entry to drinks reception: After Dr. Vyshedskiy’s presentation of the results, he and the research team will be hosting a drinks reception. This is a great opportunity to talk to the ImagiRation team and be a part of the critical conversation on autism research.

  • Backers
    Limit of 10 — 10 remaining

    Dinner with the scientists in Boston: The truly curious and inquisitive can join the research team (bring a +1!) Dr. Vyshedskiy, Rita Dunn and Jonah Elgart in Boston. This will be a brilliant opportunity to talk in depth with leading scientists about autism research. In addition, you will receive signed published articles, along with a signed copy of Dr. Vyshedskiy's book "On the Origin of the Human Mind."

  • Backers
    Limit of 1 — 1 remaining

    Fund the project: If you have been touched by autism and are in a position to provide the funding for this whole project, you can either pledge here or email us directly at hello@crowd.science