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  • Backers

    Your name will appear in the Acknowledgements section of my talk (unless you prefer not – in the latter case, please let me know). Everyone attending the congress will be able to see that you made a contribution to this project!

  • 2 Backers

    The above + a PDF copy of the recent scientific publication showing the details of this research. This will provide you with the full context of the study, and will make you feel closer from these recent achievements.

  • Backers

    The above + 5 e-cards of pictures taken in Antarctica while working for this project, with a personalized message on it to thank you for your support!

  • Backers

    All of the above + stunning video clips of underwater prey search & capture, filmed by the penguins themselves from miniaturized video cameras temporarily attached on their back. You will get to see how the penguins swim underneath icebergs to find and capture krill!

  • Backers

    All of the above + exclusive 1 to 1 video meeting with me to ask any question related to the project or to the ecology & conservation of penguins in Antarctica! The meeting can be in person rather than video if you happen to visit Tokyo.

  • Backers

    All of the above + official acknowledgment on the next scientific paper published on this project. Anyone who reads the paper in the years to come (printed or online) will be aware of your outstanding support to fund this project!