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Thrish's research laboratory is mainly focusing on soft robotic systems that can learn to adaptively change their stiffness to maintain stable interactions with uncertain objects and environments. His robotics work is supported by several European Union research grants and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council (EPSRC). The red palm weevil detector is a solution to a problem that the Sri Lankan Coconut Institute asked Thrish to address. Thrish used his robotics background and found an effective early detection solution, now he wants to make it possible for Sri Lankan farmers to use his innovation as currently the prototype is too expensive. We can dramatically reduce the cost by building an app.

Can bioinformatics help protect coconut trees from weevils?

Dr. Nanayakkara, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka agricultural council has already developed a portable electronic device that has been found to be very accurate at detecting larvae at an incredibly early stage. This device has already been recommended by the coconut research institute (CRI) to more than 5000 farmers in Sri Lanka as the best detector available but it is too expensive so Thrish wants to build an affordable app to help local farmers.

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