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Jamie Barras is a Research Fellow and technical manager for EU project CONPHIRMER and three other projects concerned with medicines authentication or the detection of illicit materials such as contraband drugs or buried landmines. He completed his first degree at the University of Cardiff and his PhD at the University of Cambridge.
The basis of the approach used in these projects is quadrupole resonance (QR) a spectroscopic technique that uses harmless radio-waves to study the chemical structure of solid materials. The key to the usefulness of QR is that the QR signals from the material of interest act as a chemical signature that can confirm if the material under examination is or isn’t what it is supposed to be, and if it is, if it is present in the correct amount. We can read this chemical signature with radio waves. We do this by sending out radio waves in bursts; between the bursts we listen for the QR signals coming back at frequencies, and with time signatures, that are characteristic of this or that material.

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